Great taste and top quality, from producer to consumer

The Farmer's Market is a unique opportunity to showcase the gastronomic heritage of the area and keep the local traditions alive.

In the Farmer's Market, many agri-food products of various companies are sold directly by producers to consumers, and you also have the chance to enjoy shopping in the open air. Villa Dafne has long embraced this philosophy and you will find its products along with others from all parts of Sicily at the Farmer's Market.

Genuine and super-fresh products at lower prices than typical chain supermarkets; 0-kilometre products are the environmentally responsible choice; a short supply chain and value placed on smaller producers; rediscover the characteristic features of the territory and stay in harmony with seasonal products ... these are just some of the benefits of shopping at the Farmer's Market.

Farmer's Market Calendar

You can find Villa Dafne food products – and taste and purchase our finest – in several Sicilian cities that host the Farmer's Market, according to the weekly schedule below.

See you there!

  • ALIA - Monday and Friday
  • ROCCAPALUMBA - Tuesday
  • CALTAVUTURO - Wednesday
  • SAN CATALDO -  Thursday
  • VALLEDOLMO -  Saturday
  • PALERMO - Saturday
  • CALTANISSETTA - Wednesday
  • GELA - Friday