The Natural World in Sicily

Simple words can only begin to explain the beauty of a land where the landscapes change dramatically from season to season. The fields scorched by the sun in the summer give way in spring to a green ocean, spotted here and there with blossoming red fields of sainfoin. This is the demonstration that Sicily is not a region to visit only in certain seasons, but at any time of year, and in this way you can become familiar with all the colours and landscapes of this wonderful island.

A land rich in culture and natural beauty – from the beach of Cefalù to the wealthy and generous territories of the hinterland, from the sandy shores of Agrigento to the volcanic heights of Mount Etna, from the Madonie Regional Natural Park to the Natural Reserve of the Sicani Mountains, from one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean – Palermo – to the testimony of past civilizations such as the Valley of the Temples. It is certainly not easy to describe the hundreds and hundreds of routes of natural, cultural and scenic interest of the Sicilian region, but our aim is to give visitors a taste that will introduce them in just a few days to the great wonders of our land. This task is made easier by the strategic location of our hotel. Villa Dafne, in fact, is located at the centre of the Sicilian hinterland, which allows our guests to easily reach all the most sought after destinations in Sicily. 

The territory

When rural simplicity is combined with comfortable hospitality, you are at Villa Dafne: an old farmhouse, recently renovated, surrounded by beautiful fields and pastures. Villa Dafne is easy to reach by car or train. The stone, wood, wrought iron, ceramic and terracotta of the Villa all evoke the past, giving the setting the charm and warmth of yesteryear. From the large terrace you can enjoy an enchanting landscape , the centre of which is dominated by the picturesque town of Alia, a typical rural village with low-lying homes in earthy colours that look out over narrow and winding roads. From Villa Dafne, in the centre of Sicily between Palermo, Agrigento and Cefalù, you can go and visit the remains of ancient civilizations or explore the lesser known but no less fascinating parts of the Palermo province and its many contrasts: the exclusive Cefalù seaside , the enchanting peaks of the Madonie and the feudal castles testifying to the ancient history of this area. Villa Dafne is the heart of your holiday in Sicily!