Words are not enough to describe the beauty of a land so incredibly rich in landscapes, each of which changes its appearance from season to season. The terrain scorched by the sun in the summer gives way in spring to a green ocean spotted here and there with red fields of sainfoin in bloom.

Fields and walkways to explore along paths and roads of varying levels of difficulty: from walks suitable for those venturing out for the first time to those preferred by professional hikers and backpackers. Villa Dafne, thanks to its large 500-acre property, allows its guests to practice trekking in complete safety and, above all, with the aid of reliable indications on how to enjoy their nature holiday in Sicily to the fullest.

Field trips to the Gurfa caves

The Gurfa Caves, near Alia, are a vast monument and a rare example of rock-cut architecture, realised along a wall of red sandstone.

Their history and intended use remain a mystery even today. Recent studies have dated them to the fifth century BC; the most striking of them is certainly the large bell-shaped cave – referred to as a tholos – a grand hall evocative of propitiatory myths and ancestral beliefs. Also unique is its acoustic effect – even a whisper inside the cave can be heard in the cave upstairs.

The Gurfa Caves can be reached easily from Villa Dafne on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback; it is, in fact, just 4 km away.