the pool

Relax totally in our swimming pool surrounded by the green Sicilian countryside illuminated with Mediterranean sunshine.

In warm weather, Villa Dafne offers its guests a large outdoor pool: the pool covers an area of about 200 square metres, with a depth varying from 1.6 to 2.8 metres; it is connected to a children’s pool that is no more than 80 cm deep. It’s the ideal solution for the enjoyment of the whole family.

The outdoor pool and the sun deck surrounded by the green gardens of Villa Dafne let you relax and enjoy the Sicilian sun far from the bustle of cities and crowded beaches.

The pools are open from May to October. The pools are for the exclusive use of the hotel guests.


light lunch

Our light lunch is the ideal formula for those who prefer to stay light at midday, and perhaps enjoy a dip in the pool after lunch or take a hike and explore the Sicilian countryside. Villa Dafne's restaurant offers several options ranging from a complete meal with starters and reduced portions to a variety of rich and abundant salads.

Our light lunch can also be the opportunity get a taste of local cheeses – accompanied by jams and eggplant preserves – produced naturally by us and branded with the name "Le Bontà di Villa Dafne" (The Delicacies of Villa Dafne).

At Villa Dafne the table is a place for gourmet discoveries and excellent company!