Our line of organic products

Villa Dafne has now created the brand “Le Bontà di Villa Dafne” to allow its guests to bring home the same quality and the same tastes they find at the farm.

“Le Bontà di Villa Dafne” is a line of organic products from the Villa Dafne farm. The idea for the project was born naturally from the pleasure of eating healthy delicious foods and knowing not only who produced them but also which methods were used. There is thus a direct encounter between the consumer and the producer, which guarantees genuine, healthy products at a lower price, since we ourselves are the manufacturers.

Villa Dafne has also created a charming shop inside the restaurant where you can buy all the products that have earned the name “Le Bontà di Villa Dafne.

Come and see our shop in the restaurant at Villa Dafne.

Opening time:

- every Friday from 14:00 to 20:00,

- Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00 (all day)

- Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00 (all day).


The farmer's markets

  • ALIA - lunedì, mercato rionale venerdì, piazza Santa Rosalia
  • ROCCAPALUMBA - martedì, mercato rionale
  • CALTAVUTURO - mercoledì, mercato rionale
  • SAN CATALDO -  giovedì, mercato Campagna Amica
  • VALLEDOLMO -  sabato, mercato rionale
  • PALERMO -  martedì, Mercato del Contadino (P.zza Campolo); sabato, Mercato del Contadino (P.zza Campolo); mercoledì, Le Pagode; domenica, Le Pagode
  • CALTANISSETTA - mercoledì, mercato Campagna Amica
  • GELA - venerdì, mercato Campagna Amica