Completely hand-made

The pizzeria of Villa Dafne opened in 2016: It is open every day in the summer and on weekends the rest of the year. You can enter the pizzeria from outside, if you want.

We have two different locations: in the summer, under the gazebo overlooking the pool; the rest of the year, inside, with a separate entrance. The pizzeria is separated from the main restaurant.

All the raw materials we use to prepare our pizza come from our farm: wheat, siccagno tomato sauce, mozzarella, olive oil – not to forget the salami, ham, cheese and ricotta, eggplant and peppers, wild vegetables and much more. In keeping with the farmhouse philosophy, the motto of our pizza is "completely hand-made".


The Villa Dafne Agritourism has been an operating farm and guest house for years. The rooms and the restaurant, the animals and the dairy, the farm and its products branded under the name “Le Bontà di Villa Dafne” (The Delicacies of Villa Dafne) – they all share a common purpose: uniting Agriculture with Tourism. Villa Dafne runs its AgriPizzeria with the same philosophy.

Zero-kilometre Pizza made with ingredients from our farm: siccagno tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami, ricotta, cheese, olive oil, vegetables.