Rocca Busambra

Rocca Busambra stands 1613 metres tall and is the highest peak in the Sicani Mountains, as well as the highest peak in western Sicily.

It is located near the town of Godrano in the province of Palermo. This genuine bastion of solid rock emerges from the green hills of the Ficuzza forest. It is extremely rugged in appearance, especially on the northern side, with vertical walls and sheer drops of impressive height. The southern slope descends more gradually. The peak offers an extensive view overlooking the valley and the surrounding area, allowing visitors to appreciate a vast portion of Sicily.


Sikani mountains

Here you will find particularly interesting nature sites and a town inhabited as early as the eighth century BC by the Sicani (an ancient Sicilian people), who were pushed into these areas by the increasing Hellenization of the island.

The area is full of lakes, including Lake Prizzi and its lush oak forest, Lake Pian del Leone, a resting place for migratory birds, and Lake Fanaco, popular with various animal species, especially migratory waterfowl (anatids). Not to be missed are the reserves here, especially the Natural Reserve of Monte Carcaci, a green oasis renowned for its endemic plants and various species of falcons. Villa Dafne is located not far from Alia, in the heart of the Sicanian Mountain reserve, a great place to take long walks on horseback or on foot.