Sustainable production

The menus at Villa Dafne are prepared with raw materials and ingredients produced exclusively on our farm with our own animals.

Our animals are raised with sustainable production methods, both for people and the environment, in accordance with best agricultural practices and respect for animal welfare.
The rearing of sheep and cattle provide us with the milk we process on the farm for the production of typical Sicilian cheese. The lambs and calves are used in the delicious cuisine of Villa Dafne, while the pigs, are used prepare salami and stuffed sausages of various kinds, in addition to meats and sausages.
Our crops, for their part, are grown organically and we cultivate many kinds of vegetables, including eggplant, peppers, artichokes, broccoli and more. They are grilled and/or preserved in oil and served as delicious appetizers. Among the many vegetables grown on the farm, the tomato reigns supreme. Our tomatoes are dried or made into sauce, especially our famous “Siccagno Tomato Sauce.

Organic food

The countryside, the animals, our good, clean air and our natural products are an invitation to discover and enjoy simple recipes that are also nutritionally rich and well balanced: the characteristics of the typical Mediterranean diet.

The restaurant at Villa Dafne is an experience, a way of life that starts with respect: respect for the rhythms of nature, respect for the needs of land, plants and animals.

Eating at Villa Dafne is also a way to show respect for yourself and your loved ones, because we use only organic products grown in harmony with nature, re-interpreting agricultural methods of our rural past.