Cefalù is a picturesque seaside town located at the foot of a tall and imposing cliff. Full of narrow streets to explore, it glories in its ancient cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches of the Norman period. The cathedral is home to one of the four representations of Christ Pantocrator: mosaics of the Byzantine school with depictions of Jesus that are characteristic of the Arabic-Norman churches in Sicily. In Sicily, the other three are: the Palatine Chapel in Palermo, the Cathedral of Monreale and the Cathedral of Messina.

Cefalù boasts a long stretch of beach and sandy coastline, which have made it a very popular seaside resort.

Cefalù can be reached by car or train from Villa Dafne. The trip takes about an hour (65 km) by taking SS113 as far as Cerda, and from there following the signs for Cefalù.