The Meats
The meats used at Villa Dafne come from our own livestock: the butcher carefully prepares selected cuts of veal, lamb and pork, which our chef then uses to prepare the various menus.
Our freshly cut meat: suckling lamb, roast beef and veal chops, veal steaks and stew, roasts and braised veal, pork steaks, leg of pork, fresh sausage.
Our Preparations: roulades, sandwiches, burgers, kebabs, stuffed sausage, pork fillet, peasant-style suckling lamb, braised veal with wild herbs, leg of pork with Sicilian citrus fruit.


Cold meats
Our sausages and cold cuts are prepared by the butcher from selected raw materials and then processed using appropriate technology in full respect for tradition.
The proper grain and ratio of lean meat and fat give the right texture and a unique flavour to our cold meats; once the sausages are made, they are cured in temperature- and humidity-controlled cells for optimum fermentation and the ideal transformation of the meat into sausage.
The sausages we produce at Villa Dafne include home-made sweet salami, home-made spicy salami, dry sausages, coppa, pork loin, rolled bacon, prosciutto ham.