Villa Dafne is an agro-livestock company that for more than three generations has cultivated crops and raised animals with full respect for the land, animals and people.

The Mascarella brothers are specialists in cheese production, and the business is run in a fully sustainable way in order to constantly protect the territory’s ecosystem and ensure that its products are healthy and of top quality.

The milk of Villa Dafne’s cows is completely transformed for the production of local varieties of cheese: tuma, primo sale, nero di Sicilia, caciocavallo, provola cheeses, fresh mozzarella and of course the delicious ricotta, which can be eaten warm with the serum (whey) or chilled.

Our production processes use traditional dairy technologies that have been handed down from generation to generation.

On Sunday, Villa Dafne invites all its guests to come see how the ricotta (zabbinata) is prepared using traditional techniques. Come sample this delicious treat with home-made bread.