Our gardens cover an area of several acres and produce a great variety of vegetables. The climate is dry and the clayey soil and the Sicilian sun give our vegetables a sweet and intense taste.

They are cultivated with careful resource management to maintain the full integrity of the soil-plant-water system. Above all, each of our crops is cultivated in harmony with the rhythms of nature and the passing seasons. Eating seasonal greens and vegetables means not only eating properly, but also eating in a healthy and natural way.


Our vegetables, once harvested, are used to make sauces and condiments or simply preserved in oil using time-proven methods, then served as delicious and tasty appetizers. Villa Dafne has now created the brand “Le Bontà di Villa Dafne” to allow its guests to bring home the same quality and the same tastes they find at the farm.

Eggplant caponata / Artichokes in olive oil / Mushrooms in olive oil / Eggplant fillets / Stuffed chilli peppers / Grilled peppers / Grilled eggplant / Sweet and sour spring onions / Green olives in olive oil / Black olives in balsamic vinegar / Pickled olives